Axles are an integral part of all vehicles- motorized or non-motorized. Axles are the backbone of all vehicles as the strength of any transportation is dependent on this humble component. This article talks about the role of Trailer Axles and how important it is to choose the correct size and a good quality axle carefully for your trailers. There are single axle trailers as well as Tandem Trailers but whichever trailer you have, always bare in mind, that the axle will carry the weight of both the trailer and whatever we put in that trailer. We also need to be familiar with the exact size, which is the diameter and the precise length of the axle. To work out your axle length correctly, you first need to have a few measurements. Your axle length is measured from tip to tip of a bare axle. The measurement technique differs for trailers with brakes and trailers without brakes.  Axles comes in different sizes some of the common sizes are 39mm round which has the capacity of 750kg, 40mm Square has the capacity of 1000kg and the 45mm square has the capacity of 1500kg.

Axles should be made of good quality steel that is 1045 grade steel so that it can withstand the daily wear and tear.  Axles also come in natural and galvanized finish. For standard box trailers, natural finish is sufficient. However, if you are buying an axle for a boat trailer, it makes sense to go for a galvanized axle as it will have contact with seawater. Galvanization prevents rust and increases the life of the axle. For Tradesman and for Trailer enthusiasts in and around Melbourne it is good news, as there is plenty of Trailer Parts retailers spread across various suburbs of Melbourne. These retail shops offer a great range of trailer product at good prices.  Please make sure your axle is made of genuine steel grade and CNC machined. You will find a number of retailers and parts suppliers selling trailers and trailer parts in Melbourne. They are mostly located around suburbs of Dandenong and Campbellfield. Also ensure that the retailer has a reasonable return and exchange policy. Similarly, for online buying there are plenty of ebay shops and ecommerce websites selling quality trailer axles and they will calculate the freight and delivery cost to your door.