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Trailer Axle 39mm Round X 58 Inches Natural Finish

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Trailer Axle 39mm Round X 58 Inches Natural Finish

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Trailer axle 39mm Round x 58 inches natural finish

  • Brand New Axle CNC machined

  • 1473mm tip to tip length

  • 1373mm hub face to hub face


Trailer Axle 39mm Round X 58 Inches Natural Finish

  • Brand New Axle CNC Machined
  • 1473mm Tip To Tip Length
  • 1373mm Hub Face To Hub Face
  • Supplied With Axle Nuts, Split Pins And Washers
  • 750 Kg Maximum Operating Weight
  • Used By Trailer Manufacturers Throughout Australia
  • Suits Holden Lm Bearings
  • Large Bearing No. 67048 (Id= 31.7mm)
  • Small Bearing No. 11949 (Id=19mm)

To Work Out Your Overall Axle Length: Measure Your Hub Face To Face And Add An Extra 100mm And That Will Give You Your Axle Length.



This is a genuine original equipment (OE) product used by trailer manufacturers throughout Australia

All our axles are made of premium 1045 grade steel.

Axle is one of the key components of the trailer suspension. Our axles are machined to utmost accuracy on CNC machines. This is used on new as well as replacement parts for the existing trailer.

It is also important to note that the axles come in different specifications.

  • The 39mm round axle has a rating of 750 kg. That is the maximum operating weight per axle.  LM or Holden bearings suit this axle
  • The 40mm square axle has maximum rating of 1000 kg and . Lm or Holden bearings suit this axle as well.
  • The 45mm square axle has a maximum rating of 1500 kg and SL or ford bearing suit this axle.


You need to have your rim and tyres before you can select your axle length. Since there are many different rim widths and offsets in the market, if you select your axle length before selecting your rim and tyres, there are high chances, that you have chosen the wrong axle.

To work out your axle length correctly, you first need to have a few measurements. Your axle length is measured from tip to tip of a bare

If your trailer does not have brakes,

  • Place your wheels under the mudguard where you want them to sit leaving an absolute clearance of 35mm (optimum is 50mm)
  • Then measure from hub face to hub face. The hub face is right here (show). Right where your hub would touch the rim. Hook the tape to one side of the hub and measure the exact same spot on the opposite side.
  • And add an extra 50mm to each side, that is, a total of 100mm

And that will give you the measurement of your

If you have a trailer with brakes, Please email the following measurements to us, so that we can work out your axle length:

  • you need to have the chassis width,
  • your rim to tyre offset,
  • the tyre width and
  • your mudguard width and
  • if you have an extension between the chassis and the mudguard, you need to measure the mudguard extension as well.

If you need assistance measuring your axle, please email the above measurements to info@trailercentre.com.au and we will be able to work out your axle length for you.

Once you have your correct axle length, ordering on the Trailer Centre website is easy. Just choose your axle length under axles heading in product categories and type in your post code before you check out and the website will calculate the exact postage to your door.

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